Port Taranaki


Port Taranaki is the only deep water seaport on New Zealand's western seaboard.

The port was established in 1875. In 1881 work on a breakwater began to provide safe anchorage from the Tasman Sea. Port Taranaki is now well sheltered by two breakwaters which extend from either end of a naturally curved bay.

Since 1881 the port has grown apace with its province and hinterlands and today handles large volumes of international and coastal cargoes, principally those of the farming, engineering and petrochemical industries. Additionally the port is a servicing base for sea transport and related industries and has, since the beginnings of major offshore and onshore oil exploration in the 1960s, been a provider of related maritime, support and heavy lift services. Port Taranaki also supports the engineering industry through providing a gateway both in and out of New Zealand by sea for project equipment and materials.

Port Taranaki is a modern port which handles a diversity of cargoes and offers a full range of providoring, stevedoring, ship agency and government border protection services.

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