Engineering Taranaki Consortium offers a full range of design capabilities ranging from feasibility studies, FEED and process design to a comprehensive range of general and process design. Here are some of the consortium’s specialist areas of design:

  • Front-End Engineering Design (FEED)
    Our front-end engineering group considers ideas and associated risks and then rigorously tests feasibility of implementation within strategic constraints. This is not limited to just technical challenges but combines financial evaluations with socio-economic considerations to deliver optimised recommendations for maximum value.
  • General design
    Pipe supports, pipe racks, equipment support structures and skids, conveyor and material handling systems, buildings, lifting equipment and production modules. The consortium can also deliver detailed design for modifications to existing platform building and structures.
  • Heat exchangers design
    Thermal and mechanical design of heat transfer equipment including shell and tube heat exchangers, fin-fan coolers, double pipe exchangers, direct fired heaters. Also indirect heaters to API 12K, ASME, NFPA54 or AG501, with integral controls, burner or fuel oil train.
  • Mechanical and piping design
    Pressure vessels, tanks, station designs, stainless steel tanks, vessels and piping, storage tank design, Finite Element Analysis (FEA), pipeline system design, rotating machinery, hydraulic system design, and cogeneration design.
  • Potable water systems design
    Filtration and potable water systems design capability.
  • Process design
    Oil and gas processing and petrochemical processing including: offshore and onshore facilities, hydrocarbon loadout, blending, export and receiving facilities; gas compression facilities, gas and liquids metering facilities, crude oil separation and handling, condensate stabilisation, gas dehydration, NGL recovery, LPG fractionation, tankage and storage, gas sweetening and CO2 recovery. Beyond oil and gas the consortium can also deliver processing design for the food and beverage, dairy and wine industries.
  • Separators design
    Vertical and horizontal separators according to API 12J Specification, DEP and GPSA standard.
  • Strainers design
    Basket strainers and Y-strainers to meet all requirements of gas, oil and diesel systems.
  • Wastewater treatment systems design
    Design and manufacture of small and medium sized decentralised wastewater treatment systems, including permanently submerged and aerated fixed bed systems.